Reflecting On An Epic Winter In Tahoe

This past winter was a true mountain winter in every sense – pummeling us with snow from the first flakes in November into a long spring that has only just begun. Unlike winters of the past few years, which were plagued with extended dry periods, this year’s snowfall never let up. In fact, the volume of snow got so extreme that Tahoe went into a state of emergency to help deal with it.

It was a winter we had all prayed for. One that would fill the reservoirs, help with summer wildfires, and give us ample powder for epic ski days. But the blessings didn’t come without challenges ranging from roof shoveling, empty grocery store shelves, closed highways, and high avalanche danger. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, and I am so grateful I got to experience such a memorable season in the mountains.

At the time of writing this post (end of April 2023), we’ve received ~737 inches of snow this season. This is way above average for a typical snow year and puts us at the second most of all time (since snow tracking began), behind only 1952’s total snowfall of 812 inches. In short, it’s A LOT of snow.

Source: UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab

The past few months have been a blur. I feel like we’ve been stuck in a perpetual cycle of shovel, snowboard, work, sleep with little time for anything else. The powder days have been so plentiful that, at points, I felt that I had forgotten how to snowboard on a groomed runs, and completely gave up on my park goals for the year. It’s truly been the most thrilling and exhausting period of time in my life.

I know I may never see another season quite like this, so for now, I’m looking back at these past few months with a sleepy smile, blessed to have been in Tahoe for winter 2023.

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