4 Beginner Winter Tahoe Hikes to Try this Week

Tahoe has been stuck in a dry weather pattern for over a month. While this doesn’t make for pristine skiing or snowboarding conditions, it does open up trails to more accessible winter hiking. Without new winter storms, the existing snow on the trails becomes firm and packed down. This allows for hiking with microspikes, […]

What to Wear Snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe

After a record-setting December here in Tahoe, the trails are covered in multiple feet of snow. With sunny days in the forecast, now is the perfect time to get outside with your snowshoes. Since temperatures and conditions range broadly in Tahoe, you may find yourself asking what you should wear when out on the […]

Trail Review: Maggie’s Peaks in South Lake Tahoe

Maggie’s Peaks has been on my hiking list for months now. I had planned to tackle this incredible South Lake Tahoe hike over the summer, but wildfires made this area inaccessible until recently. In October when a large winter storm came in, I thought hiking Maggie’s Peaks would be off the table until spring. […]

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tahoe Hiker in your Life

Do you have a hiker on your shopping list? Look no further than my hiker gift guide! Any of the ten gift ideas I have listed are sure to make a hiking enthusiast smile. I have personally used everything on this list and would be delighted to receive any of them as a gift. […]

3 Places to Hike in Truckee in November without Snowshoes

As I write this post, it’s currently the first week of November. This year, we’ve already had a few snowstorms that delivered decent amounts of snow to the higher elevations. However, the upcoming weather forecast is calling for warmer temps and some sunny days, so you might be asking where you can get out […]

Where to Hike to See Fall Colors In Tahoe

Leaf peeping – more than a hobby, it’s practically a way of life for a few brief weeks in October. This time of year in Tahoe, the aspens show off their changing golden hue, a sight which has aptly been termed “Tahoe Gold”. The change of colors doesn’t last long, so you have to […]

Trail Review: Snowshoeing Chickadee Ridge

Chickadee Ridge is a short and sweet snowshoe with the added bonus of interacting with wildlife. I snowshoed this quick 2-mile trail for the first time earlier this week and fell in love with the adorable Chickadees that will eat birdseed straight from your hand. This is a great beginner snowshoe, so if you […]

5 Easy Hikes in North Lake Tahoe

Looking to get outdoors but don’t have the time or training for a 10+ mile technical hike? Look no further! Below I have listed five easy hikes in the North Tahoe area. These are perfect options if you want to get a little exercise but are short on time or if you are heading […]

Three Beginner Snowshoe Trails in Truckee

At the time of writing this (mid-February 2021), Josh and I have both put in over 30 days on our boards and skis at the resorts. Snowboarding is one of my favorite hobbies, but this week I felt like it was time to mix things up a bit. I had never really tried showshoeing […]

Trail Review: Picnic Rock

Looking for a moderate trail with great views of Lake Tahoe? Look no further than Picnic Rock! This hike is perfect for anyone with a moderate fitness level and is one of my top recommendations for visitors to the North Lake Tahoe area. Length: 3.2 Miles Elevation Gain: 740 ft. Difficulty:  Easy to moderate depending […]