Winter 2022: What I’m Wearing on the Slopes in Tahoe this Year

There’s nothing quite like skiing and snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. In the winter, the Tahoe temperatures are typically in the 20-30’s, and if it isn’t storming, there tends to be ample sunshine. Contrast this to the colder temperatures in Colorado and you can see why so many people find California skiing a dream come true.

If you’re used to more frigid climates like the northeast or the Rockies, you may need a little direction on what gear to pack when heading to the mountains in Tahoe. The mornings can be a bit chilly (though not frigid) and the afternoons can be quite warm, especially if the sun is out. When it is storming, it’s common for the snow to have a high moisture content, so waterproof jackets, pants, and gloves will be necessary if you’re planning to get powder turns.

I have two favorite brands when deciding what I’m going to wear on the mountain: Burton and Montec. I love these brands because I feel that I can get high-quality outfits at a reasonable price point. Below I’ve shared my three staple mountain outfits that I’ll be wearing this season.

My Go-To Burton Outfit

The outfit I wear most often on the slopes is my Burton Prowess Jacket paired with the matching Burton Avalon Bib.

The women’s Burton Prowess Jacket is a cozy jacket that combines a fashion-forward aesthetic with plenty of rider-driven features. This jacket features a longer style while still having a feminine shape so you can achieve the snowboarder look without looking too shapeless. A bit of light insulation paired with sherpa fleece inside the collar makes gives the jacket plenty of warmth for the typical Tahoe day on the mountain.

The Burton Avalon Bib is a great companion to the Prowess Jacket. The waterproof shell construction is great for sunshine or a storm day. I love wearing a bib because everything stays in place. There’s no pulling up your snow pants or fidgeting with a waistband. If you don’t have a bib in your winter wardrobe yet, I highly recommend you give this one a try.

My Go-To Montec Outfit

On days when it’s storming or a bit colder than average, I always throw on my Montec Dune Jacket with coordinating Fawk Bib in red. Something people don’t always consider when choosing a ski or snowboard outfit is visibility. I like that the red really pops so that when it’s snowing and the visibility is low, people can easily see me on the slopes. This is important so that you don’t get run into by another skier, your friends can keep tabs on you, and ski patrol can find you if you ever get into trouble (hopefully this never happens!).

The reasons I love this jacket and bib combo specifically are because it has just the right amount of insulation and waterproofing to keep me toasty and dry without being overly constricting and heavy. I also really like the fit and design of Montec’s clothes. Their jackets and bibs tend to be on the baggier side and have tons of pockets. This makes layering and carrying extra essentials super simple.

A New Montec Outfit I’m Trying this Year

One thing I’ve been missing in my snowboarding wardrobe is a shell. Shell-style jackets and pants are great additions to your wardrobe because they’re so flexible. They can be worn on warmer days or colder days and all you have to do is adjust which layers you wear underneath. This year I purchased the Montec Women’s Moss Jacket and am pairing it with Fawk pants in the same color.

The Moss jacket has great technical specifications and all the features you need for a long day on the mountain. From the park to the powder, this jacket is made to handle it all. With its shell construction and slightly cropped fit (compared to other Montec jackets), the Moss is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. I’ve worn this jacket just one day on the mountain, and it’s already one of my favorites.

Bonus: My Favorite Fuzzy Balaclava

This fuzzy balaclava comes in a bunch of colors and is a great addition to your slope side wardrobe. Not only is this balaclava super cute, but it also fits over the helmet and gives you a ton of extra warmth on chilly or windy days. You can snag this balaclava from Amazon for under$17! I have it in three different colors and wear one whenever the temps drop into the 20’s.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my mountain closet! Let me know your favorite ski and snowboard brands in the comments 🙂

*This post contains affiliate links that I may receive a small commission for.

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